Glass Syringe Kit


All Glass Syringe, precision ground in Italy to exact tolerance and fitted with a metal  luer lock tip. This GL10TK Syringe Kits  includes one 10ml glass syringe paired with 12 superior quality, 25 gauge or 23 gauge stainless steel applicator needles stored in a hard plastic protective case. These applicator needles are 1-1/2" in length with a stainless steel hub that mates perfectly to the luer lock tip. This all glass syringe kit is truly Top Shelf! Perfect for the most discriminating fabricator performing high end glue ups, and offered at a cost that won't break the bank.

New to fabrication, or decades of experience, this 10ml Glass Syringe with a stainless steel needle makes gluing fast and easy without hand fatigue. Applying solvent is so controllable, it's seemingly automatic. Just think it, and this Glass Syringe reacts with solvent flow precision.

New All Glass Syringe Kit

Included 1 Pc. 10ml Glass Syringe and 12 All Stainless Steel 25 Gauge Applicator Needles

Part No. Color Each 2 Pcs. 6 Pcs.  
GL10TK-25 10ml Glass Syringe Kit w/25 Gauge Needle $32.00 $29.00 $26.50
GL10TK-23 10ml Glass Syringe Kit w/23 Gauge Needle $32.00 $29.00 $26.50
GL10A 10ml Glass Syringe ONLY $20.85 $17.50 $15.00

Add a 12 pack of 23 or 25 Gauge Stainless Steel Needles

Part No. Color Each 2 Pcs. 6 Pcs.  
NSS152312 23 Gauge Stainless Steel Needle (12 pack) $13.80 $12.60 $11.40
NSS152512 25 Gauge Stainless Steel Needle (12 pack) $13.80 $12.60 $11.40