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IpS Corp. Solvents and Adhesives

SCI Grip

Part No. 10491 - Cement for Bonding ABS

2354 - Thin-bodied, fast setting cement for bonding ABS and styrene to themselves.

Part No. Size Price
10491 Pt $12.85


Solvent Cement for Bonding Acrylic

3 - Non-flammable, water thin, very fast-setting solvent cement for bonding acrylics. Also bonds styrene, butyrate, PETG and polycarbonate to themselves. Will not bond to cross linked acrylics.

Part No. Size Price
12754 Qt $18.00
10300 Pt $11.50
10799 4oz $6.20


45 ** 4:1 Cartridge

Use with Dispensing Gun 13585 - Two part, high strength, reactive structural adhesive for bonding aluminum, galvanized steel, brass, copper, ABS, PVC, CPVC, PETG, polycarbonate and foam board to themselves and each other.

Dispensing Gun and Mixing Tip with Weld-On 45 and 58 makes applications easy and efficient. Adhesive is mixed as it passes through the mixing tip. It is not necessary to use entire cartridge at one time.

Part No. Size Price
12468 43ml $13.10


Dispening Gun

Dispensing Gun for #45 @ 4:1 & #58 @ 1:1

Part No. Price
13585 $67.00


Straight Mixing Tip

Part No. Price
11195 $1.15