CATALOG #353 www.123ftm.com | Phone: (530) 626-1986 | Fax: (530) 642-2602 2 THERMOPLASTIC HEATING TABLE For Bending and Forming Plastics (Patent Pending) Acrylic • Polycarbonate • PETG • ABS • Styrene • PVC • and More! The 56000 models are redesigned from the ground up and include some great new features. These new features include the all NEW QTC44 controller, a Unistrut Rail System with 56” x 48” working area, quick release Cam Clamp Tray Locks, Material Support with Stops, Integrated Frame Stops and a NEW Leg Kit. With faster set-up and more adjustability, the 56000 models will reduce fabrication times. This System prepares thermoplastic materials for forming all-angle bends, REDUCES FABRICATION TIME both in setup and multiple bend operations. Unit has independently operated and movable heating trays, index rules on either side of table, full usage of working area allows you to work from both sides of the table at the same time. The adjustable fence may be positioned as shown or between trays. Units are completely self-contained and requires NO SPECIAL WIRING. (120 volt 15 amps) Models Description Price 56250 1/4” Thermoplastic Heating Table $2695.00 56375 3/8” Thermoplastic Heating Table $2695.00 56500 1/2” Thermoplastic Heating Table $2695.00